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Alex Freire

Industrial Logic
Alex, who was one of the Agile pioneers in Latin America, now consults internationally, speaking frequently at conferences to help communities worldwide expand beyond their comfort zones. A programmer, coach, scientist, student and teacher, Alex loves learning and doesn't shy away from changing his mind.
As Director at Industrial Logic, he focuses on enabling our team to deliver quality software and solve real world problems through Modern Agile training and coaching for the leading companies in our Industry.
Alex is also an accomplished artist who loves architecture and exploring creative tactics for co-existence in spaces that integrate into the environment in a sustainable way. Using Agile practices, he built an eco house on a remote island that was awarded the Institute of Brazilian Architecture’s “Young Architect Prize” for projects completed in 2011.
He lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife and son.
He is active on twitter (@freire_da_silva) spreading wisdom on Modern Agile, software development, the tech industry, startups, Brazil, politics and the digital culture revolution.